Apple iPhone 3G the King of smartphones for $3 million

Now this is simply verging on the ridiculous, and one wonders just where it will all end, as a new Apple iPhone 3G has shown up with what is called the “Kings Button” and has been designed by Austrian Jeweller Peter Aloisson.

Is yet another jewel encrusted Apple iPhone, and this time it has the “Kings Button” which is made of solid 18 carat yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, and also has 138 diamonds round the edge and the whopping 6.6 carat diamond home button.

The Apple iPhone could be known as the “King” of smartphones, but anyone wanting a “Kings Button” sure better dig real deep in their pockets as it costs a totally filthy £1,636,000, that’s about $2.5 million for you Americans, and for the Canadians its nearly $3 million!!!

Any of our iPhoner readers rich enough for the “Kings Button”?

Source — mobilesyrup


One thought on “Apple iPhone 3G the King of smartphones for $3 million”

  1. I agree with you, it’s stupid, but believe me, a lot of rich people will buy it. And let’s be honest, if any of us had millions in the bank account, we’d buy it too lol

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