Samsung Show projector phone coming to Korea soon

The mobile projector phone, it has for years been talked about; we’ve seen concepts, prototypes, and rumours, but with little success being seen in the market, however there are a few finally filtering out into the retail area.

One of which is the Samsung Show, which we are told is for release in Korea by the end of the month. The Samsung Show runs the popular TouchWiz platform and incorporates a DLP based pico projector.

Unfortunately not a lot is known about the Samsung Show other than it is a rather bulky candy-bar handset with support for Korea’s DMB-T digital TV system. Once we know more will let you know.

Source — gearlog


One thought on “Samsung Show projector phone coming to Korea soon”

  1. This looks like a great innovation – although some will doubtless see it as a gimmick.

    PLEASE though, – be aware that DMB / T-DMB is NOT a KOREAN protocol.

    1. It is a sub set of the EUROPEAN Eureka 147 Protocol
    2. It was developed as a means of reliably broadcasting Multi Media information to mobile receivers in the late 1980 by Robert Bosch (Germany) and later adopted and further developed by the Koreans.
    3. It relies totally on the use of conventional DAB multiplexes that are produce by 4 European companies
    4. These multiplexes are in use around the Globe from Norway to New Zealand and Canada to China delivering Audio, Data and Video services.

    T-DMB is by far the simplest and most efficiant mobile Video protocol to roll out, especially if there is a native DAB radio service in place already.

    The presence of devices like this will simply further extend the use and range of DMB. – Thanks Samsung.

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