Will Vodafone be first Palm Pre GSM carrier?

The new smartphone from Palm, the Palm Pre is the big new mobile phone of the moment, and a big question hangs over the Pre…where is the GSM version?

If the latest net whispers prove correct, the Palm Pre will be exclusive to Vodafone in Europe. A Vodafone UK rep happened to let slip that Vodafone are still in negotiations and nothing is solid as yet.

Furthermore, a leaked admin post in Vodafone UK’s forum also let slip that the Palm Pre was being looked at in their office and it looks awesome, so keep your eyes peeled on the “coming soon” section at the Vodafone online store.

As with most rumours it has yet to be confirmed as to any release date and still no word on when the US may see a GSM version probably with AT&T.

Source — palminfocenter

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