LG KM900 mockup offered at real by UK online retailer?

A couple of weeks ago LG unveiled the LG KM900 mobile phone, and as there were no images available of said handset the guys over at Unwired View made a mockup using a KM500, and as of this posting there still isn’t any real LG KM900 image available.

However, some bright spark of an online retailer decided to remove the watermark on the LG KM900 mockup and has now presented this mockup as an actual LG KM900 for T-Mobile UK.

The online retailer is Beepy.co.uk, and they are apparently even taking pre-orders for the LG KM900 based on the mockup image. Now is this legal or a misrepresentation? I’m sure once the advertising standards agency finds out they will have something to say.

Source — unwiredview

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