Rogers updates smartphone plans but data is ridiculous

Over in Canada, Rogers Wireless has updated their smartphone plans that now roughly run in line with what is acceptable for the Canadian Wireless Market, but Rogers keeps on insisting on making their customers choose either the smartphone plan which offers abysmal data or a different plan entirely.

I mean a smartphone plan consisting of only 500MB of data is taking the Mickey, and especially when Rogers loves giving it large that the plans include tethering.

Anyway here’s the Rogers smartphone plans…$45 — 250 daytime minutes, Rogers to Rogers, 500MB data, evenings and weekends at 9pm…$50 — same as previous but with 400 daytime minutes…$75 — same as the other two but with 650 daytime minutes.

With any of those smartphone plans the customer can choose an add-on of unlimited network calling, my5 Canada-wide, 5pm evening to weekend minutes or free incoming calls.

Source — BGR

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