Palm Pre vs. Apple iPhone: Palm steps back from patent battle

Apparently Palm isn’t prepared to do battle over patens with the Apple iPhone big boy. Word has it Ed Colligan, Palm’s chief said during a conference call that there are no pending legal actions with Apple concerning the Pal Pre.

Colligan also mentioned that Palm has amassed 1500 patens over the last 15 years and then went on to compare patent disputes to the animal kingdom basically saying it’s like two porcupines facing off each other.

While Tim Cook, acting chief of Apple states he wasn’t referring to any particular company when he said last month…”We will not stand to have our IP ripped off. We’ll use whatever weapons we have at our disposal.”

Source — appleinsider


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    Tyler! says:

    The title of your post is misleading and the first paragraph is completely incorrect. Palm IS prepared for legal battle, which you even pointed out in the second paragraph of your post by stating that they’d “amassed 1500 patents over the last 15 years”.

    Being prepared for a legal battle has nothing to do with a company’s desire to be the first one to strike. They’re PREPARED. Apple is circling the issue just as much as Palm is at this point.

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