Video: HTC Magic on Vodafone promo at MWC 2009

While at the Mobile World Congress 2009, Vodafone showed off the new HTC Magic running on the Android platform, and we have a video demo of the occasion for you below.

The word is the HTC Magic on Vodafone is somewhat separate from the Google Android G1, but that remains to be seem, and no doubt over the next few weeks we’ll be finding out a lot more on the HTC Magic.

The video doesn’t last too long and there’s no commentary but it does give you a view of the HTC Magic’s UI and no doubt it will have a few updates from Cupcake but the G1 will gain the soon enough as well.

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Video is below.


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    HereAndNow says:

    The device is quite attractive but, at minimum, I would expect device vendors (HTC) and mobile operators (Vodafone) to create their own custom “themes” (wallpaper, etc.), to brand their Android-based devices. The default Android theme is OK, but it is not overly attractive/exciting.

    Once more widgets are available (e.g. weather, sports, news, etc.), vendors/operators could potentially install them on the desktop as well, to make it even more attractive.

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