Vertu Nurburgring Race Track Edition for sale on eBay

Ok, so how bad do you want a luxury mobile phone? How about one of Nokia’s Vertu phones for just over half price? Well it appears that a Vertu has shown up on that place where everything ends up eventually…eBay.

Apparently eBay seller “ouy kcuf” and I suggest you don’t read that backwards, states this Vertu Nurburgring Race Track Edition mobile phone is an authentic device.

Yes, right and we’ll all accept the seller’s name as given shall we? Anyway, there were only 1000 of these handsets made and this one which normally retails for over $8000 is up for $4599, but only in the US.

Source — eBay


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    johnytits says:


    1. I contacted the seller and asked for a copy of the sales receipt and certificate of authenticity. He said it would be included when I wired him the cash or met him personally with cash. BEWARE!!!

    2. This listing is odd. It lacks standard features of standard e-bay listings such as “terms of sale” and “payment’delivery options”. I’ve listed items on e-bay and it is impossible to list an item without the paypal option. Something is funny here.

    3. I could not find this listing on a standard e-bay search, it is only available with a direct off-site link.

    4. I have seen comments by owners of Vertu phones, the space behind the battery does not look like that.

    I hope law enforcement, local or federal engages this guy in a reverse-sting type operation. It seems to me he is a criminal who intends to use violence to rob someone of $4600.

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