New iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update: Home Screen Details

The SpringBoard app behind the all new iPhone OS 3.0 Home Screen looks pretty similar to that of the earlier versions, but there are a few differences.

The SMS is now labelled as Messages, the Stocks icon has had a little makeover and there is a stunningly new Compass icon and app, you will notice that there is a new Voice Memos icon and app as well.

iPhone 2.0x would allow you 9 home screen pages allowing up to 148 apps in total, well the all new iPhone OS 3.0 update will give you 11 pages and up to 180 apps in total, there will be 11 built in which will leave 159 for 3rd party apps and WebClip Safari bookmark shortcuts. Not that much else to say about the home screen really. Oh nearly forgot The iPhone Blog has said that there is a little magnifying glass icon to the left of the tiny dots above the dock. Are you excited about the new software? Vote Now

UPDATE: iPhone OS 3.0 is now live

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  • Tony C

    Um… the compass is only on the 3g s that is released on Friday (june 19th)

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