Nokia E52 Review: Pros, Cons and Verdict

The E series handsets from Nokia have done very well. They are primarily designed for the business community although have now gained a foothold outside that area.

The E series is now said to be becoming a neat foil for the very rich N series as a less swanky less showy alternative. The E series reached a high point with the Nokia E52 which is a superb example of a seriously great phone package which is capable in its abilities in a well constructed case.

It’s amazing that Nokia have managed to get so much into this phone, it feels really comfortable in your hand it measures just 116mm tall, 49mm wide, 9.9mm thick and weighs 98g. It has a large number pad with well defined keys. Texting is easy. There is a microSD card slot situated under the back plate which can be used to boost the 60MB of internal memory. To find out more details and specs go to knowyourmobile.com

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