Palm Pre will come to Verizon in January says Verizon Exec

Will the Palm Pre smartphone go with Verizon Wireless? A report says no while analysts say it will but Verizon and Palm haven’t really confirmed or denied anything so far.

However, according to an article on ecommerce times, the Executive Director of Media Relations at Verizon, Jim Gerace, has said that Verizon will offer the Palm Pre smartphone in January 2010.

Apparently there are negotiations still going on over just how much Verizon will subsidise the Palm Pre and just what Palm will offer in return. So apparently if everything goes as planned, Verizon will indeed still offer the Palm Pre.


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    Auburn Tiger says:

    I really hope we can get the PRE through Verizon! I looks like a great phone!!! Hurry up and get the deal done!!! My palm 755 is worn out!

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