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Motorola Droid timer decoded to reveal announcement on Oct 28th

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By:James | October 21st, 2009

Droid has a countdown timer running for the Motorola Droid which shows coded numbers with initially that code said to be in dd/hh/mm/ss format, and now apparently said code has been decoded according to phandroid.

However apparently when one compares the initial decoding along with the new decoding it appears the date has changed and that the announcement for the Motorola Droid will happen on the 27th of October bang on midnight.

So if said decoding is true and whoever decoded it hasn’t made a slip up it does look like we can expect that Motorola Droid announcement on midnight of October 27th/28th, right?

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  • Bradds

    Hope the Droid is coming to the UK soon, its looks an excellent phone. Well done Motorola, and good to see you back

  • pwrtch

    This is true. Its not too difficult to decode.

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