HTC Passion Dragon Snapdragon Google Phone Battle with iPhone, Droid

We have talked about the HTC Dragon aka Passion a few times now which you can read about below, but the question we wish to put forward to you is “Can is battle with the likes of the Apple iPhone and Droid?”.

The Apple iPhone as we all know is a pretty impressive smartphone with the biggest amount of apps to date, the Droid series is pretty impressive too hence the Motorola Droid and HTC Eris Droid. Yes we know that the HTC Passion Dragon has the 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile processor and this Google phone features a 4.3-inch (480×800) capacitive display plus virtual keyboard but is this enough to compete with the Droid and iPhone?

ZDnet has put a few things forward like the Motorola Droid has emerged as the best-equipped competitor to Apple’s popular iPhone, it was only a month ago that the Motorola Droid emerged as the HTC Dragon aka Passion.

Please read the full article that ZDnet has put together because it is very interesting indeed and well worth a read, please do come back to us and let us know what phone comes out on top. What phone would you choose is what we would love to know.

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    4 thoughts on “HTC Passion Dragon Snapdragon Google Phone Battle with iPhone, Droid”

    1. Reply
      johnny says:

      What are you talking about? None of that makes any sense. Droid is not (snap)dragon, passion or HTC anything.

    2. Reply
      iRK says:

      this is the most ridiculously strung together 100 or so words i have ever heard. it makes entirely no sense whatsoever and whoever wrote this has no clue about the phone market. period. go write about something else, intern.

    3. Reply
      Chris Albert Sonit says:

      None of anything the writer of this article said makes any sense. Please hire people that know what they are talking about.

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