Motorola Milestone Motonav is Nav N Go new Customer

Apparently Motorola has been secured by Nav N Go for the Motorola turn by turn navigation solution which is on the Motorola Milestone smartphone that is launching in Europe reports an article over on gps business news.

The Motorola and Nav N Go agreement will cover all countries with the exception of the USA as the Motorola Droid sports the Google Maps Navigation software, and with the Motorola Milestone available via Vodafone, O2 Germany, WIND in Italy and in South Africa, Nav N Go expected the contract to bear fruit.

Motorola Milestone users will be offered a free trial of Nav N Go for 60 days and then a lifetime license fee and will be able to buy extra content via the Nav N Go operated content portal which at the moment is in beta.

Apparently Nav N Go is succeeding to “Destinator/Intrynsic” in powering the Motonav solution, something that hasn’t been a big success before due to the lack of profile of Motorola smartphones.


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    Steve Morris says:

    I often travel to the US. If I buy a Milestone, would I be able to use the Google Maps Navigation and Latitude there?
    Alternatively, would I be able to buy US maps from Nav N Go?

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