Android 2.0.1 on its way to Motorola Droid

According to an article over on the BGR, Verizon Wireless has announced an over the air update, Android 2.0.1 for the Motorola Droid will be on its way in the “coming weeks” and will apparently the Droid’s 5 megapixel camera focus problem and voice reception.

Android 2.0.1 will also include several bug fixes and behaviour changes when it finally hits, although as yet we don’t have all the details of this minor update to Android 2.0.

As it is there’s no real hard date when Motorola Droid owers will see the update, but rumour has it, it will appear by the 11th of December so keep you eyes open roundabout then.

And that’s about it, can’t tell you anything else for now, of course if you own a Motorola Droid and receive Android 2.0.1 feel free to let us know and any improvements that may come.

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