LG LX610 to replace Sprint Lotus?

There’s been a rumour surfing the net waves that the Sprint Lotus may be replaced, well according to an article over on phone arena it appears said rumour is true and the Sprint Lotus will be replaced by the LG LX610.

Word has it the LG LX610 square-ish flip form factor handset will launch sometime in January and is expected to support a larger touch screen so bigger than the original 2.4 inch, and a microSD slot to expand memory up to 32GB.

Other than that and the image of the LG LX610 there isn’t a great deal of information available at the moment so we can say what the LG LX610 handset will sport feature wise, detail and real specifications or give you a hard release date.

However, you do know that as soon as any more information on the LG LX610 handset becomes available we will pass it on.


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    Gary NYC says:

    Hmmmm… those rounded corners look a bit too feminine for me, as well as that half-chrome sleeved hinge. Why’d LG do away with the previous hinge? I find it works really well. Nice external screen size… looks as big as the internal one. Are they both touch screens? I certainly hope so. If not, forget it–I’m done with the Lotus.

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