Pretty in Pink is the Palm Pixi

Well here’s one for any Palm faithful ladies out there, as it appears that Palm just may push out a pretty in pink version of their latest mobile handset, the Palm Pixi as precentral report that an anonymous tipster has confirmed a pink Pixi may be on its way.

It seems the anonymous tipster captured a screen which makes mention of said Palm Pixi wearing pink colours and also shows up in Sprint’s buyback website, thus leading to the assumption that a pink version of the Palm Pixi could well hit the US before the year is out.

The Sprint buyback website has the Pixi up as the Palm 120 Pixi — Pink, so it does indeed look as if the US at least will be gaining the Palm Pre’s smaller sibling in other colours.

Obviously most other mobile phones eventually come along sporting differing colours so it does seem logical that the Palm Pixi would do the same, so what about the Palm Pre, will we see a pink Pre as well?

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