Verizon ETF Rise Draws FCC Investigation

Over in the States, the Big Red has decided to double their early termination fees for those customers who end their wireless contracts before they run out and apparently according to an article over on pcworld, the FCC is already investigating and have sent a letter to Verizon Wireless on the matter.

Apparently the FCC have demanded answers by the 17th of December as to just how Verizon advises their customers about the early termination fee hike, and what “advanced products” actually means.

As of November the 15th, Verizon hiked up their early termination fee from $175 to $350 for “advanced products,” and said the increase was a necessary move to offset costs of subsidising their customer’s mobile handset purchases.

The FCC is apparently asking why if a customer ends their contract in the next to last month in a 2 year contract, they could still have to pay Verizon a $120 early termination fee; more as and when we know.

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