Paper Batteries a possibility for future Smartphone?

When one thinks of a battery one thinks along the lines of the traditional battery or maybe the flat type battery used in mobile phones and gadgets, but apparently the future holds a different type of battery according to an article on the BBC.

For instance did you know plain paper can actually store an electrical charge? Well according to researchers at Stanford University is can as they have apparently proven that plain copier paper if coated with nanotube impregnated ink can sustain an electrical charge.

It’s all highly technical stuff but could potentially mean a way to future flexible batteries, which could power numerous gadgets including smartphones, and make mobile phone with much lighter and smaller batteries.

Apparently these new paper batteries can also discharge their charge quickly which would be useful for gadgets that require a quick burst of energy, and as paper is cheaper there’s a cost angle as well, and the team have also worked on using the same tech on fabrics as well.

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