iPhone data usage reduction incentives considered by AT&T

AT&T is looking at iPhone user’s use of wireless data and is looking at possibly offering new pricing models as an incentive to reduce data usage in their effort to keep up with increasing demand reports an article over on Cnet.

This was announced during an investor’s conference in New York by AT&T’s head of wireless, Ralph de la Vega, who also said that three percent of smartphone users use forty percent of their network capacity.

The idea is to offer incentives to the small percentages to modify or lower their data consumption so they don’t “crowd out” other customers in those same mobile sites. De la Vega also said that most users don’t know which apps are bandwidth heavy such as streaming audio and video.

Apparently, according to analyst company Sanford Bernstein, on average iPhone users consume 5 to 7 times more data a month than the average wireless subscriber, resulting in clogging up the network and seeing many iPhone users experience slow 3G, dropped calls and connection issues especially in large cities like San Francisco and New York.

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