Motorola Droid Bug deletes all messages, email accounts under threat

Apparently Motorola Droid smartphones has been hit by a pretty bad bug which will delete all your contained messages, this will happen if you try to set-up an account again.

Many corporate e-mail accounts are the ones that are mainly affected which is pretty serious, according to iEncyclopedia contacts and calendars still remain on the Droid phone. Droid owners report that POP and multiple Exchange accounts are disappearing and they do not know why which means they are put in a position to re-enter them.

Users have not yet found a fix to this problem after trying to sort it out themselves and are urging Verizon Wireless to act upon this problem as soon as possible, if you re-enter e-mail accounts it will work for a couple of weeks apparently then will be wiped clean again.

Verizon now know of this major problem and are looking into it, please do let us know if you are experiencing the above problem and how it is affecting you please.


7 thoughts on “Motorola Droid Bug deletes all messages, email accounts under threat”

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    Jeff says:

    It is spreading…..

    At least there is a report of it on Google’s bug site. If enough people bump it up maybe they will care about all the business customers they are about to lose.

    Not all people will be okay with paying the 20 bucks for Touchdown, the working exchange client for droid.

  2. Reply
    Keith says:

    my phone will randomly delete ALL my text message threads. i know it has nothing to do with the maximums being reached, and is wicked annoying.

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    brian says:

    it's happened to me as well. 3 times so far, as i've had the phone for 2 months. my email has not been effected so far, but all messages, even locked messages, are deleted.

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    Justin says:

    I have the HTC Eris and all my messages get randomly deleted, entire threads just gone! Please help!

  5. Reply
    jb says:

    I have been hit with it this is like the 3rd time and not only my email but also my contacts. Google needs to get this fixed asap

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