Apple iPhone Christmas 2009 Dominated by Zattikka Games

Christmas time is usually big business for the games world and Christmas 2009 is going to be no different as mobile and online gaming firm Zattikka is making a bid to dominate the iconic iPhone this holiday season with the release of 3 new mobile games for the iPhone on the 14th of December reports casualgaming.biz.

One of the games for the iPhone is their latest iteration of their popular browser based game Finger Frenzy which the online version has already seen in excess of 20 million plays.

Also being released to the iTunes App Store is Zattikka’s puzzle game Phantom Mansion: Red, and Blocks With Letters On, a logic and word game which won the Best of 2008 award from jaylsGames.com.

Tim Chaney, CEO and founder of Zattikka has said that they are hitting the iPhone App Store with a triple whammy attack this Christmas which are 3 must-play downloads guaranteed to keep fingers entertained.

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