Sony Ericsson J10 eco-friendly GreenHeart Range Phone

Sony Ericsson is to go all green with its eco-friendly mobile phones, the new release of the Sony Ericsson J10 is all part of the GreenHeart range.

The design of this handset was also known as ‘Susan’ when it was being developed and according to the source below ‘Susan’ was its rumoured name when the Xperia X10 was closer for release. The Sony Ericsson J10 eco-green handset features Wi-Fi and a five-megapixel camera with a built-in flash.

This device has been built with green materials to make it perfect for the environment, or should we say was built to save the environment. There is no word on the neither price nor release date as of yet but we will keep you posted.

Would you buy this eco-green-friendly phone or is it not your choice in mobile phone at all? We would love to know your views on this device and if it would be worth a buy.

Source — Mobile Choice UK and Engadget

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