Coming soon Foxconn 4G iPhones

The leading iPhone maker Foxconn, has received an order from Apple, a very exciting order to say the least as this involves manufacturing the Apple 4G iPhones. This news has been revealed by a reviewer from an international magazine.

Foxconn, was recently in the news headlines following a suicide of a Chinese employee, who was allegedly trying to steal the prototype of an Apple iPhone, rumours were also going around for quite some time about the development of the next generation iPhone.

Someone from the inside has claimed that the next iPhone model could well be developed some time soon, the report came as a tweet containing just 140 characters.

The 3GS was announced in mid 2009, the new 4G iPhone is said to be launched in the first half of next year. The detailed specifications are at present not known, so users will just have to sit back and wait until the next version arrives. Source – india-server