Google Nexus One high Resolution display gets pictured

It looks like the guys over at the Boy Genius Report have some good connects with the Nexus One as they have now posted a couple of clear pictures of the Google phone, one of which depicts the Nexus One’s high resolution display.

The guys have somehow got hold of two screenshots one full on of the Nexus One display while the other is a side view of the Google handset although they don’t say just where they got them from but it’s good to see more pictures of this much talked about smartphone hitting the net waves.

Google Nexus One high Resolution display gets pictured

The Nexus One display does look to be nice and crisp, while the side view picture enables us to see just how thin the Nexus One is, that looks like a G1 beside it to me.

As you are aware any detail coming out about the Nexus One is slow and scarce, but as soon as anything hits you can be assured we’ll pass whatever we learn along to our readers.


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    Arkitekt83 says:

    I really wanna see the 3d elements its supposed to have. If it is an OLED screen(which it looks like as its very sharp) then its the same as the behold2. The cube interface on behold2 was nice, pointless as it is. If that idea is brought to more of the phone this could be a beautiful UI.

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