Google Nexus One Caught on Video

Well that didn’t take too long did it; it surprises me the speed at which these things happen. Only a few days ago the news hit the net that the Google phone was out and about with Google employees, and then quickly followed with the discovery its moniker is Nexus One.

Then came the leaked Nexus One specs and details, and now not long after we get a look at the Nexus One handset via a video, although it’s only an all too brief boot animation, but no doubt more videos will follow in rapid succession.

The video which can be viewed below courtesy of engadget, only lasts 21 seconds but it does definitely give us our first look at the Nexus One handset.

If only they had been able to video more of the Nexus One in action rather than just the boot animation, now that would have been a scoop. Hit up the video below and enjoy.

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