Motorola Droid Battery Door Solution from Verizon

Those of you who have a Verizon Droid smartphone are probably aware that the Motorola Droid battery cover simply loves to keep coming off which can be somewhat of a pain, but never fear because Verizon has a fix for that.

Flickr user Anticitizen was experiencing the battery cover coming off on their Motorola Droid and decided to take it to a Verizon store to see if they could solve this annoying problem.

Now one would expect the techs at a Verizon store to come up with a tech solution like tightening something so this sort of thing doesn’t keep happening, but that seems to be beyond this particular Verizon store anyway.

The Verizon solution to the problem was to stick a Verizon sticker over it, which was slightly the better option then suggested by the original Verizon rep who wanted to use scotch tape for this extremely high tect solution…simply not good enough Verizon.


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    victor says:

    Ahaha I’m impressed by Verizon. However I dont know what is talking about. I have the Motorola Droid, and the battery cover never comes off. I have drop it a few times and is still in one piece. Back to the sticker. Well I guess a sticker is always better than tape right? . . . And come on that’s a kickass sticker anyway.

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