Nexus One not a VoiP only phone

There are extremely high hopes in store for the Nexus One, the super slim Google phone has been called the device that will change the way people communicate on their mobile phones. Although a review may have just debunked those ideas.

It was rumoured to be a device that would totally bypass carrier voice calls and enable users to make VoiP (Voice over Internet Protocol) only calls, thus freeing consumers from mobile operators money grabbing terms.

According to Tnkgrl a technology blogger, the Nexus One comes unlocked from any network and routes calls through mobile networks and not VoiP. The phone comes equipped with a 4GB micro SD card, a 1400mAh battery and OLED screen.

The screen is the same size and resolution as the Motorola Droid, and is currently running on Android 2.1. The phone again according to Tnkgrl is faster than the Droid. Source – independent.co.uk

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