Nexus One: Google Maker or Breaker?

With the launch of the Google Nexus One smartphone immanent, it appears that analysts are somewhat divided over whether the Nexus One will actually make or break Google according to an article over on news.com.au.

Silicon Valley’s Enderie Group analyst Rob Enderie has stated that they are apparently having a big discussion over if the Nexus One will make Android or actually kill it off; and has stated that it appears that Google is trying to pull the Apple thing.

Apple and their iPhone dominate the smartphone arena, BlackBerry dominate the business arena, Google has HTC who have made the Nexus One and it is expected Google will market the smartphone unlocked.

According to analysts, Google offering the Nexus One themselves would free Google to use their online advertising targeting skills to generate revenue to subsidise the handset, but according to Ovum research fellow, Jonathan Yamis, Google must “walk the line” between marketing their smartphone and supporting electronics firms who make Android based handsets.

However, analysts at Gartner Research believe that Google is not poised to market their own smartphone and that they are only testing it and Google stepping into selling phones doesn’t make sense, and rather Google will refine the Android OS and let developers produce new apps for future generation OS releases.