Verizon: Prepping Palm Pre Plus and network for iPhone

Christmas is going to be a very busy time of year and rumours and speculations are very hot indeed when it comes to giants Verizon.

According to Examiner Verizon are prepping its brand new Palm Pre aka Palm Pre Plus in 2010 and even better news is that Verizon is said to be upgrading its network so that it is prepared for the Apple iPhone.

The iPhone exclusivity for AT&T will come to an end in 2010 at some point and it has been said that T-Mobile USA will get the iPhone rather than Verizon, which does make sense really considering T-Mobile’s network is pretty similar to that of AT&T.

We say it is a matter of time that Verizon will get the iPhone and we believe they can ensure they have a network that can handle the demand; you got to think about the fact that if Apple can make money from Verizon selling the iPhone then it is for sure that Verizon will get the iPhone.

Reminder: The Apple iPhone will be coming to Vodafone in the UK on January 14th.

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