Nexus One no iPhone Killer, 5 Reasons Why

It has been rumoured as usual that the new Google Nexus One is the next possible iPhone killer; however, the Head of Technology (Editorial) for Telegraph Media Group, Shane Richmond believes the Nexus One won’t kill the iPhone and has come up with 5 reasons why.

Firstly iTunes automatically keeps the iPhone updated with music, and although it is possible to sync Android with iTunes it usually means using a third-party application along with a manual process, and Android can’t update ratings or paycounts in iTunes.

Next is again to do with iPhone sync as videos and photos auto-sync with iPhoto, geo-tags them and sorts them into folders, and is then auto-synced with Apple TV and backed up to a remote hard drive. Also everything else syncs. He uses third-party apps for task management on the iPhone and laptop which aren’t available on Android and thus not on the Nexus One.

The 3rd reason is to do with applications, although Android has roughly 16,000 apps, Apple has roughly 90,000 available to the iPhone and many apps still aren’t available through the Android Market.

Sitting at 4 is mobile games, which is basically the same as with mobile applications. The iPhone is his mobile gaming device of choice and there are some very strong gaming titles available to the iPhone; while Gameloft has announced a reduction of their investment in Android as their financial director has said that on Android nobody is making significant revenue.

Lastly it’s all in the details apparently; Apple products are usual more expensive than competitors, but you do get what you pay for as the saying goes, and Apple’s attention to detail is what makes Apple products like the iPhone a pleasure to use.

So there it is 5 reasons why the Nexus One won’t kill the iPhone, what do you think, and do you agree or disagree?


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    Anatol says:

    I disagree with all those points. The android app store is probably going to get more apps if more ppl have android phones, plus the apps are way cooler like google goggle, layer and the astronomy equivalent star something. And with apps like google earth, and google street view I believe google has proven that they can do killer apps. I also believe the making it unlock, more ppl are gonna buy it cuz they don’t have to wait for a provider to subsidies it, or have to take a long therm contract to get it.

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    Coldsmoke says:

    I’d agree with the perspective of this article.
    I think many companies miss the point that Apple seemingly “got” when they introduced the Iphone; Its the user experience.

    Google is trying, but their “user experience” is still too geeky despite trying to emulate the touch interface of an Iphone. Given some time perhaps they might succeed in dethroning the Iphone but not with what they now offer. Even so, from what I have seen in the Droid and Eris, Google may have the best chance of competing, unlike Nokia’s Symbian OS and Windows Mobile.

    Say what you might about the Iphone missing this that or the other feature, and Apple being somewhat punitive in controlling what does or does not get approved for the device, but it has created a paradigm shift in what we users expect from a smartphone.

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    matthew says:

    Those are not very compelling reasons as to why Android will not emerge victorious.

    It won’t sync with iTunes? Thank god. Apple’s mentality of making everything ‘sync’ up is retarded — and best suited for people that have no idea what they’re doing. (Case in point, my niece plugged her nano into my mom’s laptop simply to charge it, and without provocation or warning it attempted to sync and promptly deleted all the songs off her device.)

    The platform that has been around for longer has more apps available for it? SHOCKER!

    And the crop of 1GHz smartphones running on Android is going to completely change mobile gaming. Not to mention the fact that the resolution of the N1 is going to be more than twice as many pixels as the apple phone.

    It’s all about the details you say? Well then good thing they didn’t forget the detail of gestapo-like control over their marketplace. Or any other of the gripes that are so commonly aired on the internet.’

    Oh, and people who still use the term ‘iPhone Killer’ are pretty annoying. It’s the most common phone in the US, of course it isn’t going to get ‘killed’ because some other phone gets released. The N1 however, is going to take a serious bite out of Apple’s market-share.

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    Brad says:

    iTunes? Really? I am typing this on a macbook pro. I have used OSX, and have an iPod. iTunes is a horrible piece of software. Even mac fanboys tend to agree it is bad. Unless you only have about 50 songs to keep track of iTunes is too slow and too intrusive.

    Sync? Really? Oh I forgot you like iTunes. So really your first 2 reasons are the same. There are hundreds of applications for tracking and syncing music and photos. Most of them are better than iTunes, BTW. I use Amarok for music and F-Spot. (linux)

    Ok, you are right the Apple Market does have more farting apps than the Android market. I am curious though, what apps are you missing in the Android market. On the flip side, I use google navigation, and google voice on my Android phone. Those seem to be missing from the Apple Market.

    Games. Yep you got me on that one. The iPhone is a better game machine. (for now)

    Details. Nexus One is lighter, bigger and faster. The case has a better hand feel, and If you need to you can open it up and expand it, and replace the battery. The screen is brighter and better. Yeah, I like those details.

    Overall your 5 points are more like 1.5 points. If you dont get a Nexus One, you will wish you had one in 6 months. 🙂

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    Cappidad says:

    Ultimately, it depends on what your use is for the Nexus One, iPhone, etc. I’m not a gamer or big music user. I’m more concerned with good connections, call quality, ease of use, internet access, email, navigation function, etc. And who cares if there are a billion apps? How many do you really need? If you spend a significant part of each day playing with your phone, I say, “get a life!” I’m awaiting the Nexus One debut before I make a decision. And I hear LG is coming out with a new Android phone shortly.

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    Justin says:

    5 Reasons why your reasons are invalid:

    1. Itunes only updates your music when YOU update your music.
    2. Videos are the same way as your music.
    3. How many applications are actually useful on the iPhone?
    4. Droid is not ment to be mobile gaming device.
    5. Read up on actual details of the Nexus One against the details of the iPhone.

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