Keep Tabs on Santa with Santa Tracker for iPhone

Yes folks it’s that time of year again when if you have already downloaded Santa Tracker for the iPhone you get to track Santa’s flight on Christmas Eve, so whip out your iPhones and fire up Santa Tracker.

Santa Tracker for the iPhone from Earthscape enables the iPhoner to follow Santa’s movements on the night before Christmas, and as you tag along with Santa on your iPhone you can explore numerous pictures of holidays being celebrated across the globe.

And I’m sure, if you are a parent, Santa Tracker will enthral your child as they watch Santa and his reindeer on his magical Christmas Eve journey.

If you haven’t already downloaded Santa Tracker for the iPhone you can download the application to the iPhone via the Apple iTunes App Store, and once installed and on, all you need do is Tap Santa’s sleigh and off you go on this very special night of the year.

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