BlackBerry Tour2 9650 gets some hands-on love

The upcoming BlackBerry Tour2 9650 has now gained some hands-on treatment from the guys over at the boy genius report. The BlackBerry Tour2 9560 is also known as the BlackBerry Essex, and the guys have given their first impressions on the new smartphone.

They say that the BlackBerry Tour2 is virtually identical to the original BlackBerry Tour size wise and sports the new trackpad rather than the trackball which works well just as one would expect.

Apparently the BlackBerry Tour2 9560 also packs in a faster processor which is a welcomed improvement and loses a lot of the lag experienced with the original Tour, and the handset feels more snappy.

The BlackBerry Tour2 9560 keyboard is still as impressive as the Tour’s keyboard and there is also WiFi now aboard. As for price and availability of the BlackBerry Tour2 9560, there’s no word but the smartphone should be heading for Verizon Wireless sometime in 2010.

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