Sex Positions on your iPhone?

One had presumed that any and all adult content was banned from the iPhone App Store and thus basically from the iPhone. However apparently Apple has decided to be lenient with a particular application which offers several sex positions.

According to an article over on pocket gamer, Sex Positions for the iPhone basically offers the user a sort of lover’s guide of sexual position for when you run out of ideas in the bedroom.

One does have to say though the Sex Positions for the iPhone doesn’t feature graphic content, but rather illustrations of said positions so maybe that’s why it has passed the Apple adult content rating system.

Apparently Sex Positions for the iPhone uses your partners energy level, how much intimacy you want, and who wants to be on top, in an attempt to teach new positions. So if anyone happens to try this application out let us know how you get along.


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    Val says:

    I was surprised. Everything else Kama Sutra and Sex Positions on the App store seem to flip through bunches of positions that require partners that bend in places that neither I or my partner do. She’s shy, I’m not very creative. I bought the Cosmo App, but is’s a rehash of the their book bogged down by links and advertising for the magazine. I like the Sex Position App because it actually helped me know what do do so I didn’t feel like a klutz.

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