Sprint LG LS680 Android Phone possible CES 2010 appearance

It has been noted that Sprint may well be about to release an LG Android phone in the very near future. Sprint currently offers to it’s users at the moment some really appealing Android devices such at the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment.

They may well be adding to the list an LG LS680, as this has been spotted in Sprint’s internal systems listed as an Android device which is heading for the carrier. At the moment though, there are no exact details on the handset itself.

Yet Boy Genius Report have said that the Android Os which is loaded on the LG LS680 would suggest that we are to expect touchscreen to be included into the equation. A QWERTY keyboard is also speculated to appear as well.

One thing does seem to be a certainty, that Sprint is readying a new Android mobile phone for its users. Sprint and LG have already announced plans to unveil a new device during CES 2010, which is just around the corner. It wont come as much of a surprise if that’s when we find out more about the LG LS680. Source – softpedia.com

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