Google Nexus One T-Mobile and Unlocked Pricing Revealed

Since the first word of the Google Nexus One hit the net waves we have seen a steady reveal of videos, images, and specs, along with a multitude of rumours on what price tag the Google Nexus One will command.

Well now apparently the guys over at gizmodo have some hard info on the pricing for the Google Nexus One which seems to confirm pricing for both the unlocked version and on T-Mobile, along with other interesting info.

So, according to a screenshot of the Nexus One purchasing page, Google’s latest Android baby will command an unlocked price of $529.99, if you opt to go with T-Mobile, the Nexus One commands a price tag of $179.99 based on a 2 year contract with T-Mobile Even More plan at $79.99 per month. There are a couple of accessories, the desktop dock station for $39.99 and a car docking station for $49.99.

Other info revealed is existing T-Mobile customers would have to change to the single plan if they want the Nexus One, also if you cancel before the 120 days, the Nexus One has an cancellation fee of $350 which will be charged directly to your credit card, or return the handset to Google.

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