Two More iPhone Apps Thrown from App Store

Yep, apparently two more iPhone apps have fallen fowl of the App Store inappropriate regulator; however this time round the two applications weren’t removed because of any adult content but more so because the titles didn’t match the content.

The two iPhone apps are Tits & Boobies, and Pussy Lovers; and apparently where thrown out because the apps didn’t actually include images of boobs and well a woman’s private area, or this is the understanding of the developer, reports an article on gizmodo.

The developer of the apps received a phone call from someone at Apple who told him the apps were being removed and when asked why, the reply was the title did not match the content and was also asked to change the title along with the education category.

The developer inquired if he could change the content instead and was answered what equated to a maybe, although he does state they weren’t asking for him to put pictures of said content into the apps.

The Tits & Boobies app although a funny title had content on birds (the feathered kind) and apparently both iPhone apps were quite popular with a combined 300,000 downloads.

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