Nokia and Apple Legal Battle Hot up with New Lawsuit

The courtroom battle between mobile giants Nokia and Apple has again stepped up a notch as according to an article over on pcworld, Nokia has filed yet another lawsuit over Apple infringing on their patents.

Apparently Nokia filed this new lawsuit in the District of Delaware US District Court last week and lists 7 patents Nokia claims the Apple iPhone, iPod and Macbook along with other products infringes on.

Nokia originally sued Apple over 10 infringements and Apple counter-sued claiming Nokia infringed 13 Apple patents, now with Nokia’s extra 10 they take the lead bringing the total infringements by Apple to 17.

Nokia filed the new suit the same day they made a complaint to the US International Trade Commission. Both Apple and Nokia have thus far not commented. So now that Nokia sits at 17 one wonders how long it will be before Apple retaliates and takes their total above that of Nokia in this seemingly tit-for-tat confrontation.

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