Google Nexus One Optimizing battery life Walkthrough

So how about setting about optimising the battery life of the Nexus One superphone? Well the Google guys have come up with a Nexus One Optomising battery life walkthrough and so we are posting it here for your viewing pleasure.

Google says you can extend battery life of the Nexus One by turning off feature which you don’t require and you can monitor how system resources and apps eat up your Nexus One battery power.

So to extend battery life turn off any radios which you are not using such as Bluetooth and GPS, you can also turn down the screen’s brightness and also set a shorter screen timeout. If you also don’t require auto-syncing to Gmail, Contacts and calendar turn that off as well and use the Power Widget to check and control all the above.

Monitor and control what uses the Nexus One battery by utilising the Battery Use screen to find out what apps use the most power and turn them off if needs be. You can access the Battery Use screen on the homescreen, press menu, touch settings,>about>battery use. Touch an app in the Battery Use screen and you will be shown details on its power usage.


5 thoughts on “Google Nexus One Optimizing battery life Walkthrough”

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    brian says:

    this posting is useless.
    @monica, mine is the same.

    might try searching google’s support since this review sucked.

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    meni says:

    That is because you make intense use of your phone.
    if kept more in stand-by, you;ll see different results of course

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    Harry says:

    You have misunderstood what the battery widget is saying. It is not saying that out of the batteries entire charge (100%) that the screen has used 71% at the time of which you have read that. It is saying that out of the charge used so far, 71% has gone towards the screen, but that could be 71% of 5% charge used. Hard to explain, but its not a problem that it has used 71% of used charge at that time. It could basically mean you haven't been doing much more with the phone other than basic tasks.

    If you say, browse the web on your phone for 45mins, the percentage of battery used for browser app will be much higher than screen. Of course naturally when ever you are doing anything on the phone, the screen is being used, so a large percentage is probably going to be shown.

    Hope this helps (:

    Ps Obviously if you use your phone in a way that keeps the percentage of battery use for screen at ~71, by the time you have used all the 100% charge, 71% would have been used for the screen.

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