Nexus One vs. iPhone 3GS Wars: Camera Comparison

No doubt over the coming days, week, months, many comparisons will come about between the iconic iPhone 3GS and the new Nexus One superphone from Google. And to start that off the guys over at Cnet have done a camera comparison between the two smartphones.

First off though it has to be said that comparing a 5 megapixel camera with flash against a 3.2 megapixel camera without flash is hardly a fair comparison and obviously the Nexus One’s camera will come out tops.

So here’s the stats they come up with…camera speed for the iPhone 3GS is approximately 2.5 seconds while for the Nexus One it is roughly a second. The lag between hitting the capture button, acquiring the image and presenting it onscreen, the iPhone 3GS took less than two seconds and so did the Nexus One.

As for Macro Focus, the iPhone 3GS deliver a tad more control over the focus area; however, the Nexus One does it for you. Both cameras have very little distortion, while focal length on the iPhone 3GS is 3.85mm and the Nexus One’s is a lot wider.

Of the two, the Nexus One delivers more vibrant images due mainly to the higher resolution OLED screen and also noticeable deeper blacks. As for stock camera applications, the Nexus beats the iPhone 3GS again as the Nexus One offers more advanced settings.

Overall and like I said at the outset, the Nexus One’s 5 megapixel camera beats the iPhone 3GS camera, but then you need to remember the iPhone 3GS camera is old tech and who knows what the next iPhone will bring.


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