Inbrics H1 Android as good as Nexus One

Just about a week since the people went mad over the Nexus One from Google the folks over at Inbrics a little heard of firm have come up with there very own version of an Android phone.

Some have termed it as the coolest Android phone ever, Inbrics have run into some early and have earned some well deserved appreciation for their efforts.

So what we have here to show you is in fact the Inbrics M1 which features everything you would expect to have on the ideal Android smartphone of your dreams. It has a 3.7 inch WVGA AMOLED touchscreen that is quite similar to that of the Nexus One.

This has an amazing 16GB of internal memory, without the need of a memory card, there is however a microSD slot in case 16GB isn’t enough for you. 9it is a very slim phone at just over half an inch thick. To find out more information visit techtree.com

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