Are Verizon and Apple about to join hands for iPhone 2010?

Apple is doing very well indeed when it comes to iPhone sales, but and a big but many customers wish to see the new and possibly called iPhone 4G 2010 with Verizon.

Ok so the Verizon network is not ready at this precise time for the new iPhone 2010 but it can be, when you think about it and according to the sources below Apple only wanted one carrier exclusively in the U.S, Apple did go to Verizon first but Verizon were not too pleased about Apple’s demands so they went with AT&T.

Apple is getting vast amounts of money thanks to the deal from AT&T and with its many iPhone’s sold, which apparently pulls in billions of dollars per quarter. Users are the ones that are important here and they are getting fed up with AT&T and its service to provide a network for the iPhone.

So taking all the above into consideration what should Apple do? Well personally Apple should do something that user’s want and that should be a brand new Apple iPhone for 2010, Verizon can make its network work with the new iPhone, which could include a CDMA version.

Are Verizon and Apple about to join hands for iPhone 2010? We will obviously keep you posted about Verizon, Apple and of course the iPhone.

Source — MacDailyNews via TechCrunch


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    John says:

    Did a 3rd grader write this article? How about you report on something that hasn’t already been stated multiple times in other articles.

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