New Froyo Android OS: Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, what next?

Now when it comes to names for mobile phone operating systems you know Android has to be the strangest, first up you had Cupcake, then Donut, what about Eclair, and now there is a brand new one.

F is for Froyo, which is short for “Frozen Yoghurt”, this was apparently named incorrectly as “Flan”, may we ask a simple question “The person behind these names, are you a food freak?” makes you wonder what is next in line, how about chocolate gateau (chocgat), or custard tart (Cusart), so many names to come up with yet.

We have no new information about the all new named Froyo OS, there is one good thing about these names though that writer Jamie says “At least they have moved of fattening foods to the healthy option”.

What names can you come up with for a new operating system, please send in all your names you can think of!


5 thoughts on “New Froyo Android OS: Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, what next?”

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    Jorell says:

    Froyo is a very common term for frozen yogurt. At my icecream parlor we just call it yogurt but the people walking in say "We'll be getting the Froyo." It's not weird to name it Froyo.

    But what did they call it before cupcake?

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      Eds says:

      There was nothing from Google before "Cupcake". I was thinking it had something to do with Apple and Blackberry. A,B,C, D,E,F, all foods and alphabetical.

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