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iPhone gains NASA Luna Electric Rover Simulator

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By:James | February 22nd, 2010

NASA has followed up their iPhone application with the launch of their first ever iPhone game called NASA Luna Electric Rover Simulator which is available via the Apple iTunes App Store for free reports an article over on krapps.

Thus enabling iPhone gamers to now enjoy a simulated ride on the moon of all places, and along the way are set various missions to accomplish. NASA Luna Electric Rover Simulator for the iPhone has a basic set of controls, left, right, forward and reverse, but there are several challenges before the player gets “Mission Accomplished.

Much like the real deal with astronauts the iPhone gamer has to keep an eye on power consumption along with proper navigation skills to gain success, and comes with a interactive learning section which takes a closer look at Rover.

So if you fancy your chances at being an armchair astronaut driving Rover on the iPhone then hit up the App Store, download the iPhone game and let us know how you get on.

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