Nexus One to Blame for Apple, HTC Lawsuit

When Apple filed their lawsuit against the makers of Google’s Android Nexus One, HTC rumour was rife that it was a sideways swipe at Android and Google. Well it appears that the rumours are true and that Apple is going after HTC because of the Nexus One.

According to an article over on the NYT, Apple and Google worked in harmony to deliver Google Search and Maps to the iPhone, and since then the relationship between the two giants has been tainted.

According to 2 dozen industry watchers Apple’s Steve Jobs feels betrayed by Google because Google stepped into the smartphone business and launched their Nexus One which “physically, technologically, and spiritually resembles the iPhone.”

Apparently Steve Jobs told employees during an all hands meeting shortly after the intro of their iPad, “We did not enter the search business. They entered the phone business. Make no mistake: Google wants to kill the iPhone. We won’t let them.”

So there it is; Apple is going after Google via HTC because they had the audacity to launch the Nexus One and Apple sees the Nexus One as a threat to the iPhone, something which we onlookers already knew anyway.

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  • Larry

    Apple starting to sound like 2005 Microsoft now.

    The subtext provided by Apple to allegations against HTC/Nexus One is simply that it’s a better phone.

  • sonichris

    so beat the nexus one by making a better iphone, not by throwing a temper tantrum… or is apple out of cool ideas? i doubt it. i am sure that the next iphone will hold its own quite easily with the nexus one. i just think apple doesn’t want any competition, which is sad because competition helps all platforms and the consumer wins. i was on the fence about android or iphone as my next phone, but this lawsuit has decided it for me. no more apple products for me.

  • dannstarr

    LOL @ Steve jobs. Listen bud, if you guys over at apple didn\’t put such ridiculous stipulation on how ur pretty little devices should be used, Google and HTC couldn\’t even come close. As it stands, your iPhone doesnt win my money. And with Google\’s outlook on things at the minute, I\’m more than happy to pay them.

  • Jeff Brown

    Here’s an idea Apple: instead of responding with lawsuits like you’re afraid you might be outdone, how about building a better phone? Competition is supposed to breed innovation, which is good for the consumer, right? Filing lawsuits that are weak at best anyway does nothing but stifle that innovation.

  • brad

    The iphone is a piece of junk anyway. I have had to put up with this POS for 2 years. Why sue google over making something better. I dont like apple anymore. I will not support apple.

    • ash

      why sue? it's called patents, and while it may not be reasonable, apple has every legal right to sue.

      • guest

        Apple resides with their Iphone in a world of their own, clearly boxed of with provider contracts. Please stay there. But don't complain when in an other part of the world new developments start. Jobs knows how this works. He saw the mouse moving on a screen in a Xerox lab and was convinced this was the way to move forward in the computer world. In the old days clutches, brakes and throttles were all mixed up, now we have one global standard. Tomorrow I will visit place X. Should I due all the visitors that are going to the same spot as well? Don't cry when somebody breaks open your monopoly….I can't wait to get my hands on one of these new Android machines. And this message is typed on a Linux machine. Open source is the way to go.

        • Debmalya Sinha

          thank gosh they were no Theoretical Physicists..

          If they were… they would also charge $ for using V =u + ft or.. E = MC^2 everytime..


          Hail Open Source

          really nice to see so many people are using Linux nowdays.. :)

      • ztk

        only if their patent violation claims are actually valid, and only if the validity of the patents in question is unassailable.

        are you so naive you think this is really about patents?

    • Alec Battles

      yes, the iphone is a piece of junk. you can't bluetooth to other brands of phones. how dumb is that. and i can type faster on a 2007 sony p1i than I can on a brand new iphone. for my next phone, give me a nokia n900 anyday… maybe something android, but I'll probably buy a nokia n900 if they get down to about 250 bucks by then.

  • Jeff

    I agree with everyone here. The iphone has been the hot handset for many years. Hey Jeff did you honestly think that someone wouldnt build a better mousetrap? I personally would have liked to try the iphone but it was stuck with a loser company like AT&T. So as others have said Jeff quit crying because Google didnt get into bed with you, and make a better iphone , and also stop tieing yourself down to a company who cant support the phone properly.

    • Alec

      in places like hk and japan, phones are never sold locked. it was a big deal when the iphone appeared 'cause it was the only locked phone in all the stores in those countries. and there was some really bad stuff, like a few people who 'suicided themselves' on the chinese side of the iphone's marketing… apple should be punished, not rewarded, for spinning the ideology of corporatism and dee argh erm technology… google hires really clever people, they're known for that… if anyone's gonna win this battle, it's the ones with the most clever people, not the ones with the most corporate supporters.

  • Joe

    wow because apple made one decision your done with the company? thats pretty childish forreal …

  • jack

    iPhone is better I think. Everybody has his own opinions, but the fact is that HTC and Google violated patents of Apple Inc.

    • Dennis

      There has not been a ruling in the case, so HTC and Google did not violate the patents, Apple ACCUSED them of violating the patents.

    • Rahul Balagopalan


  • Txtraveler

    If Jobs wants to sue HTC because the Nexus One “physically, technologically, and spiritually resembles the iPhone”, he needs to wake up. I own a Nexus One (it's a kick a$$ piece of equipment, too!), and it's resemblance to the iphone is as superficial as the resemblance between a Ford Mustang and a Chevy Camaro – four wheels, two doors, a stereo system, a steering wheel and a big engine in the front. Certainly not enough for a valid lawsuit.

    Apple has only itself to blame. If the iphone were available on Verizon, T-Mobile etc previously, the incentive to technologically leap-frog over them wouldn't have been so high. Now they are in the unfamiliar position of playing catch up, and all they can think is "Lawyer"! Sounds like Microsoft to me.

    BTW, the noise-cancelling dual microphone trick that the next iPhone will apparently have is already in place on the Nexus One, as well as voice recognition tech that currently makes Apple look like pikers. Just who is copying whom, anyway?

  • Syndr0m3

    Starting with the Nexus One, Apple will always be playing catch-up…

  • TheRightWay

    iPhone lacked multitasking BEFORE Nexus One entered the game. So, competition is not beneficial to the iPhone? Killing competition is killing yourself.

  • Mastermrz

    LOL! Instead of trying to make a better phone which is what competition is about, they try to sue Google. LMFAO!!! Im a Nexus One owner and let me say, im proud to be one. My phone simply rocks and now that i can install ROMs on it like CyanogenMod6 RC3, it just gave my phone a full upgrade :)

    Goodluck Apple on sueing Google, your ganna need it.

  • Rimbalino

    God damn I'm so glad I bought a Nexus One instead of a useless locked down iPhone. Steve Jobs has really crossed the moron line this time. He's freaking acting like he invented the damn phone and no one else can make something similar. Jerk off!

    • Paul Dahav

      LOl I agree

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