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Sense comes to Motorola Droid with UI ROM

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By:James | March 25th, 2010

Developers and hackers continue on their sacred quest to deliver the HTC Sense user interface to the Android packing Motorola Droid smartphone, and it appears they are somewhat further along and have made available an experimental Alpha release reports engadget.

However, not everything is available yet to the Motorola Droid , data is there when 3G is enabled however voice is not, but apparently someone has managed to place 3G calls but not receive any.

Also not working is Bluetooth, some application fail in portrait mode, no GPS, and enabling airplane mode can lock you out,, but apparently most other things work according to alldroid forum member Greek35T.

One up point though is you do get Flash which you can see by viewing the video below which lasts just over two and a quarter minutes, so hit it up and check it out.

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