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Palm won’t be getting the bid from HTC

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By:Sharon | April 23rd, 2010

We have all heard of the troubles that have surrounded Palm Inc just recently with rumours in relation to potential buyers of the company. A report of at via gives us an update.

It has been reported that the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC have decided against bidding for Palm. An internal source revealed that there just wasn’t enough synergies to take the deal forward.

The conclusion was reached after careful consideration and after HTC had reviewed Palms numbers, so it would indicate that perhaps Palms financials are actually in a worse state than was first thought.

It seems that now there is just one potential contender in the field who are Lenovo, the worlds no 4 PC brand and the only major Asian bidder who are expected to show an interest in the acquisition of Palm. A deal such as this would make plenty of sense as Lenovo has ample cash reserves and also mobile aspirations.

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  • Sean

    HP wins!!! wonder what they will do

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