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iPhone 4G Prototype 3D: What it really should look like

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By:Mark | May 5th, 2010

Remember the iPhone 4G / HD prototype Gizmodo got their hands on, of course you do. Well now you can see what the new Apple iPhone 4G should really look like.

This one here shows the iPhone 4G Prototype getting turned into a 3D concept; the new iPhone will feature a 5-megapixel camera and many more features that will excite. These photos here look amazing and wish to say thanks to Ispazio for them.

This prototype 3D concept was designed, by Seraphan and it mimics the prototype that was lost in a bar, which Gizmodo then got their hands on. I have finally fell in love with the new Apple iPhone and really hope this is the design they use, or something similar will be good.

LG Innotek will be the ones supplying the 5-megapixel camera sensors for the iPhone 4G, do you love this new Apple iPhone design? Please let us know what you think.

Source – Concept Phones

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  • Jon

    If this is what the HD/4G ends up looking like I will be very pleased. I think this would be the first iPhone where I like the white version better than the black. I also think the color concept is an interesting idea. It would really tie the iPhone into the different lines of iPods, etc.

    Nice work!

  • Josh

    Why do these concepts with color always pick the ugliest colors? They would make the color closer to the most current nano….not the ugly little square one that failed miserably

  • Tim

    This design is ugly and ridiculous. I’m tired of the iPhone desing in general and I think they should do something to jazz it up a little. Would a little creativity kill them?

  • tyson

    i agree with tim (above)

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