O2 Mobile Palm Pixi Plus and Pre Plus: Should I Buy?

We mentioned a while back about O2 Mobile UK and its Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus release date being May 28th, well now many of you will ask “Should I Buy?

O2 has revealed that it will sell the two new mobile phones from Palm, here is a quick recap on the prices and tariffs; you can have the Palm Pre Plus on a 24-month contract for £25 per month, you will have to pay £99 for the handset.

The Palm Pre Plus on the £35 per month on a 2-yr contract will get you the handset for free and offer you 600 minutes and unlimited texts, plus unlimited data and Wi-Fi usage.

The Palm Pixi Plus will cost 30 per month, will you buy these mobile phones from O2 or do you think they are a little boring for your liking? Please do let us know if you will be getting any of these named handsets from O2 Mobile UK.

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  • Ajer

    Nice phone but it has locked up on me once. Only had 3 windows open but was unable to close or use the phone, had to remove the battery to shut-down. Found their support helpful but unable to help with this problem as it seemed to be something not on the advisor's problem sheet, or a problem they don't like to admit. Really slow on start-up, seems to take forever. Even so a really nice mobile with good applications apart from the memo pad which is a bit naff compared to the original memo pad on the original Palms

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