Verizon Will Not Carry iPhone In Immediate Future

For all those who are hoping that the Verizon iPhone would appear in the not too distant further, this may turn out a bit of a disappointment as according to a spokes person for the Big Red, the iPhone isn’t coming to Verizon anytime soon.

According to an article over on Beet.TV, Verizon Wireless spokesman, John Johnson told Beet during a video interview, which can be viewed below, that Verizon, has no plans to support Apple mobile devices in the “immediate future.”

Johnson does however beef up the Android platform in the interview, especially the HTC Droid Incredible and that the Big Red is “keen” on introducing several new Android devices this year which will include handsets that record HD video with HDMI-like outputs.

In addition, Johnson further states that Verizon will introduce their 4G network to 25 to 30 US markets this year and introduce a 4G enabled smartphone sometime next year. As for the much called for Verizon iPhone, well it looks like we’ll be waiting for some time yet.

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